Here's a glimpse into the thesis I worked on with Preethi Balakrishnan.  We call it Off Course: A Creative Exploration of Cartography, Cuisine and Narrative. Basically, it's a series of 13 maps with an underlying theme of food that push the boundaries of what a map can be. Each one tells a story, and there's also a fictional editor character with a story of his own.

While seeking inspiration for conferences our editor character might attend, I stumbled across a workshop on Mapping and Emotion put on by the International Cartographic Conference. We applied and actually ended up going to present our fake anthology to a room full of real mapmakers (they were into it). 

 You can see the full project here.

THE ANATOMY OF LONELINESS: What we think a frozen dinner would look like if that frozen dinner were an island.

THE ORIGINAL FAMOUS ABSOLUTE BEST RAY'S PIZZA: In the 80's dozens of independent pizza shops called Ray's Pizza or Best Original Ray's Pizza or Famous Original Ray's Pizza popped up. We read some articles and went through some old phone books: here's the story of the original Original Ray's Pizza.

AN AMERICAN KITCHEN CIRCA 2016: Satirical map that asks in 2116 what will they think of the food trends of today? Will their trends be any better?